RootcodeAI wins the Intelligent Automation Award at the Digital Genesis Conference 2021


Dewni De Silva

November 01 2021

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A big win for all of us at Rootcode AI as one of our flagship products - ConverseUp secured the “winner” title of the Intelligent Automation award, under the category of Information Technology at the Digital Genesis conference hosted by the Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM) on the 27th and 28th of October. This initiative by SLASSCOM aims to create awareness and engagement on the importance of maintaining a digital foundation and how companies can work more towards achieving sustainable automated virtual workforces through the use of intelligent automation (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA).

Along with Digital Transformation during the past few decades, Intelligence Automation has gained a significant importance mostly for process management to orchestrate users, tasks and systems. The applications of IA span across industries, providing efficiencies in different areas of the business. ConverseUp is one of the flagship products of Rootcode AI, a subsidiary of Rootcode. The winning case study on ConverseUp outlined the problem we as a company encountered, months of research undertaken by our data scientists to bring the product they envisioned to life.

Rootcode AI primarily focuses on delivering world-class AI solutions and products helping businesses worldwide to automate and streamline processes and workflows. This also includes working with large-scale e-commerce businesses to build their recommendation engines end-to-end. The Rootcode AI team recognized the need to solve the problem of large-scale e-commerce platforms receiving thousands of customer inquiries every hour. Although intelligent recommender engines helped customers find the right product based on previous purchases and interests, customers still wished to communicate with the business through message inquiries just like they would do in a physical store. Therefore e-commerce businesses needed to hire and operate teams of customer support agents to respond to the high volume of messages. But over time as the business grows, the messages would scale exponentially which raises the load on customer support agents. This would cause a bottleneck called ‘chat overload’ where delays in responding to customer requests occur, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction and increased customer churn. In addition, in the long term solely increasing the size of the customer support team is not a scalable strategy for businesses as it induces a high operational cost.

Thus, with the goal of solving our customers’ pain points, ConverseUp was designed and developed - an intelligent conversational AI chatbot that can help users with their inquiries, suggest them the products, and help them to resolve their questions about products and services. However, this is just the surface of what ConverseUp can do. With this solution in hand, businesses can reduce the response time to customers from hours to seconds and contribute to greater user experience and satisfaction.

The “Digital Genesis'' conference 2021 shone a limelight on the team’s untiring efforts towards driving one of their core products to great heights. Elated at the announcement of the award, the team collectively stated: “It’s a big achievement for us and ConverseUp, building an initial research idea into an enterprise-grade application.” This award is a confirming testimony to the staggering growth of Rootcode AI in the past few months. We are hoping to iterate and keep on improving ConverseUp to make sure our application helps organizations automate and streamline their workflows better.