Rootcode wins the “Best Artificial Intelligence Technology of The Year” along with two other awards


Dewni De Silva

January 30 2022

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  • Rootcode AI wins ‘Best Artificial Intelligence Technology of the Year’
  • Gold Award under ‘Business & Professional Services’ for Expert Republic Enterprise
  • Silver Award under the ‘Research & Development’ category for ConverseUp

We are proud to announce that we secured three awards at this year’s National Best Quality ICT Awards 2021 (NBQSA), held on the 21st of January 2022 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. Organized by the Sri Lankan chapter of the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, Rootcode AI, the Artificial Intelligence Research and Development arm of Rootcode, focusing on building world-class AI products, won the “Best Artificial Intelligence Technology of the Year” for one of their flagship products - ConverseUp. ConverseUp is an intelligent conversational AI assistant that can respond to customer inquiries placed in e-commerce platforms, recommend them products, and guide through purchasing products just like a human salesperson. Rootcode AI is working with some of the leading local and international brands to implement ConverseUp’s conversational engine onto their e-commerce platforms.

ConverseUp also won a silver award under the “Research and Development project” category. Artificial Intelligence has been strengthening and transforming industries around the world and during the next few years, it’s expected to reach USD 190.61 billion in market value. NBQSA 2021 definitely bestowed the spotlight on the teams’ commitment and collective efforts to build cutting-edge AI products that solve some of the biggest issues businesses face. Thrilled at the announcement of the awards, the team collectively stated: This is a great achievement for us and this is once again a restatement of the potential of ConverseUp. We are currently working on grooming ConverseUp to handle more and more complex customer interactions and inquiries.

Rootcode also won the Gold award for Expert Republic Enterprise under the ‘Business & Professional Services category. Expert Republic Enterprise is an enterprise software solution that allows organizations from various industries; ranging from healthcare, personal coaching, legal affairs, to provide their services, outside the walls of their facilities through their own branded mobile & web app.

NBQSA is an awards ceremony that has been organized by the BCS Sri Lanka section since 1998, aims to recognize the development of ICT brought in by the accomplishments of Sri Lankan organizations and individuals. Moreover, they strive to establish a pathway for local ICT products and services to compete and gain international recognition and provide opportunities for talented young individuals to enhance their ICT skills.