Rootcode AI Launch


Dewni De Silva

January 30 2021

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Rootcode Labs Launches Rootcode AI

Rootcode Labs recently launched its subsidiary – Rootcode AI on 29th of January 2021. While Rootcode Labs cater products primarily to markets in Europe, USA and Asia, they instill their grander vision to expand into diversified markets with a wider array of products and services.

Rootcode AI has been functional during the past few years, while the launch made it official. The previous blog articles have in-depth descriptions about the projects the Rootcode AI team has been working on, which includes Aphelia, an AI-based resume parser tool, Morpheus, a tool to track and detect game control postures through a simple web camera. Apart from AI research, at Rootcode AI, we specialize in AI Strategy Consulting and AI Product engineering. All of this is done by a team very passionate about solving problems through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

At the launch event, our Data Scientist and AI Tech Lead, Thirunarayan Dinesh had an interesting demonstration to show the 3D motion tracking tool developed in-house and explained about satellite image analysis and Auto ML. One of the most interesting topics, Creative AI, was demonstrated by showing few arts generated by the AI model created at Rootcode AI, which was further explained to the audience by analyzing the things this particular AI has learned from the paintings of Picasso and Van Gogh.

1. The Role of AI

The term Artificial Intelligence was coined back in 1956. We are lucky to have witnessed the incredible speed at which AI grew to be useful in ways we never thought it could be. AI was declared infinite, even though it has no perspective on its own, no point of view, no purpose – until people put it in motion. That’s exactly the reason why the team at Rootcode AI has stepped into the arena of providing specialized AI solutions, that are tailored for the customers’ specific requirements, by conceptualizing and architecting industry-grade applications backed by AI.

As we move forward with Rootcode AI, we believe that AI is set to transform businesses in ways we haven’t seen since the industrial revolution; fundamentally reinventing how businesses run, compete and thrive. When implemented holistically, AI helps improve operational efficiency, unlocking more creative jobs for humans and creating new growth opportunities for businesses.

2. Panel Discussion about the Impact of AI

An insightful panel discussion took place during the Rootcode AI launch. Moderated by our Founder and CEO, Mr. Alagan Mahalingam, panelists covered the overall impact of AI and the roles it plays in today’s world. The panelists included Randhula De Silva – Co-founder and CEO of GLX, Mangala Perera – Vice president of IFS, and Mohammed Fawaz – Founder and CEO of Curve Up, who discussed the impact of AI on their respective industries and dived deep into the argument behind AI ethics. Discussions grew into multiple industries such as education, agriculture, manufacturing as well as the tea industry. The interactive session also welcomed intriguing queries from the audience on the subject of AI.

3. What’s Next for Rootcode AI

Our vision is clear, the next few years show promising signs for AI. According to Fortune Business 2020 statistics, nine of ten businesses are here to implement AI into their processes, to boost productivity in each stage of the business. Similarly, the global market is ready to witness what potential AI holds; where up to +26% boost in local economies, 15.7 trillion potential contribution to the global economy by 2030 for AI while all market size will be valued at $120 Billion in 2025 for AI. Therefore, we are equipped not just with experience but with the solution to analyze the enterprise goals, to make the process of implementing AI, as seamless as possible for our customers around the world.


At Rootcode AI, we aim to match the speed at which the industry is growing, for that we comprise a fully-fledged team to carry out extensive research and development. While Artificial Intelligence continues to make an impact on all cross-functional business activities like Finance, Marketing, Sales, Supply chain, Healthcare, and Human Resources, we have to take every risk, every opportunity to make sure we lead the market in this race by producing world-class AI products.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” – Yan Leecun