AI Strategy Consulting

It is evident that leveraging AI in any organization has the potential to bring great benefits ranging from gains in process efficiencies to employee productivity. Businesses struggle to scale up their AI projects from proof of concepts since bridging that gap between proof of concept to production, is inherently tough in AI and in most cases, when enterprise AI solutions are planned without a larger vision and strategy in place, initiatives often remain siloed with limited Return Of Investment (ROI) potential.

Our specialized team of data scientists, AI engineers and software architects at Rootcode AI help you implement your organization’s AI strategy at scale, we work closely with CEO’s, COO’s and other C-suite executives of your organization to, understand your organizational vision and then formulate an enterprise AI strategy that is tailored to your business.

Our Process

Analyze enterprise goals and processes

We perform a complete analysis of the client organization’s requirements, challenges, present capabilities and organizational vision. 

Formulation of enterprise AI strategy

We start to formulate the most suitable AI initiative for your organization by considering the current state of how business processes are conducted and can be optimized.

Data strategy architecting

We formulate a clear data strategy on how data across from different business processes and units is going to be democratized within the organization and how access will be managed


After the organizational and the data strategy is defined, the development and deployment of the software systems needed to implement the enterprise AI architecture will be initiated.