AI Product Engineering

As the potential of AI grows every day, so does the corporate and industry pressure for organizations to use it and organizations are in need to keep up with the current rapid pace in this technological advancement.

We know that the needs of no two clients are alike , whether it’s using a proven , matured solution or a cutting edge AI technology , our development and engineering team consisting of data scientists , machine learning engineers, business analyst and software architects are well experienced in building and deploying highly scalable AI solutions across multiple domains and industries.

Our Engineering Cycle

Business Requirement Analysis

In this initial phase, our business consultants and software architects will be working closely with you to materialize the product idea , and analyze the problem at hand along with its opportunities and requirements.

Data management and strategy

Our engineers and data scientists will identify the data requirements of the project, existing internal and external data sources that would be necessary for the project. 

Development and Model Integration

Our product engineering team will start working on constructing the model and choosing the right set of algorithms that yield the highest accuracy vs computational cost balance. 

Continuous maintenance

After the solution is completely deployed, we provide continuous business and technical product support as your business scales with the solution.