The whole idea of project Morpheus is to enable gamers to control first-person games through body real-time physical actions. our AI team took up the task of building a motion based game control application for personal computers, that user no external devices or sensors except the computer’s built-in webcam.

  • Pytorch
  • Pytorch Lightning
  • OpenCV
  • C++
  • AWS
  • Google Mediapipe
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Realtime motion controlled gaming

Real-time motion & an extremely immersive gameplay experience

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Sensorless Action Recognition

Morpheus can track & implement movements without requiring physical sensors

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Game Engine Agnostic

Morpheus enables players to control games regardless of the game engine

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Customizable Gameplay Controls

Inference is happening on-device, none of user’s gameplay is captured or stored

Revolutionize the future of gameplay.

Changing the landscape of esports and gaming by allowing gamers to control any first-person game based on their physical movement, without requiring an external peripheral


Vision based motion tracking


Recognized motion controls


Compatible FPS games

How Morpheus is different

How Morpheus is different

We took the initiative to create an action detection dataset internally by getting videos of our own Rootcoders making the postures and movements, these video streams were then split into frames and then labeled. Although currently in the research stage, this application can revolutionize the future of gameplay as a whole.

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