ConverseUp is an intelligent conversational AI assistant that can help e-commerce users with their inquiries, suggest them products, and help them to resolve their questions about products, reducing the response time to customers from hours to seconds providing an overall superior customer support experience.

  • Tensorflow
  • Rasa
  • Keras
  • FastAPI
  • Docker
  • React
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Conversational Handling

Easily integratable AI tool designed to handle human-like queries & conversations.

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Autonomous Training

Deep learning models help learn abstract patterns in chats & identify user intention

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Detection & Tagging

Retraining pipeline helps the AI agent learn from its past conversations autonomously

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Human in the Loop

Always keep the sales personnel in the loop if any query goes unanswered

Your AI-powered Sales Assistant.

ConverseUp can play the role of a sales representative by providing information to customers about products and guiding them to purchase through a human-like conversational interface.


Increase in customer engagement


Response rate


Increase in sales

how it helps

How ConverseUp helps

ConverseUp’s level-3 conversational AI ability has the potential to analyze and understand the user’s context in the conversations before responding, this helps ConverseUp to dynamically respond to user queries and adapt to various conversational paths without generalizing.

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