Aphelia is an AI based resume parser which can extract unstructured data from resumes and present them in a more structured format. The potential of using AI in the recruiting process is best for large companies and could radically alter the hiring process.

  • Python
  • Java
  • Pytorch
  • Docker
  • React
  • AWS
  • DVC
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Pinpoint Parsing Accuracy

Our end-to-end neural network based extraction algorithm provides state-of-the-art extraction accuracy

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Seamless Integration

REST API based interface allows seamless integration into existing HRM systems

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Continuous Learning

Continuous learning algorithms ensure extraction model is always learning from new resume’s overtime

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Embedded Privacy

We make sure to protect information by anonymization sensitive information of candidates before training

Optimize your recruitment process with AI.

With Aphelia, your company can focus on evaluating and selecting the ideal candidate, while we focus on the nitty-gritty part of data extraction.


Parsing Accuracy


Hours saved for recruiters


Increase in resumes filtered

how it helps

How Aphelia helps

We know that analyzing and evaluating these massive heaps of resumes can immensely reduce the productivity and efficiency of your recruitment team. As Aphelia’s core extraction components are powered by deep learning algorithms, unlike ruled-based extraction systems, Aphelia can understand the context of the text when extracting information from resumes, just like a human recruiter would do!

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