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Rootcode AI

August 31 2023

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Founded in 1911 and headquartered in The Netherlands, Kendrion(AMS:KENDR) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electromagnetic systems to a wide range of industries ranging from high-end automobile companies to robotics manufacturers.

Kendrion has partnered with Rootcode, one of the fastest-growing technology consulting firms, to build a conversational AI system to make their several decades' worth of organizational knowledge accessible to leaders and decision-makers easily via a chat-based interface.

We are very happy to announce this partnership, and we are looking forward to helping more enterprises like Kendrion transform their business through AI, says the Founder & CEO of Rootcode, Alagan Mahalingam.

Rootcode AI: Pioneering the Next Generation of AI Products

Rootcode AI, a prominent division of Rootcode, helps enterprises and governments build AI products. The division specializes in various AI fields, such as computer vision, predictive analysis, AI-enabled optimization, and Conversational AI.

With an impressive track record, Rootcode AI has developed enterprise-grade chatbots that cater to specific business needs, offering both efficiency and scalability. These conversational solutions have been especially beneficial for e-commerce firms, where the volume of customer interactions demands intelligent, responsive, and scalable communication systems. After the introduction of OpenAI's GPT and the emergence of LLMs, Rootcode AI has started harnessing the vast capabilities of these models to improve their enterprise offerings.

Rootcode: A growing leader in Technology Consulting

Achieving recognition as a finalist at the prestigious Global Startup Awards 2022, Rootcode’s meteoric rise in the tech consulting arena is noteworthy. With over a hundred employees and strategic operations across Estonia, Sri Lanka, and the United States, the firm benefits from a diverse talent pool and a multicultural, innovative spirit.

In an era of constant technological advancement, Rootcode emerges as a leader, seamlessly connecting today’s complexities with tomorrow's solutions.

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