AI Community Meetup - Amsterdam


Rootcode AI

December 22 2023

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We took the Rootcode AI Community meetup to the beautiful city of Amsterdam! We organized this event as part of our commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and networking within the global technology community.

The AI community meetup, held in Amsterdam, drew over 100 participants, showcasing the vibrant tech ecosystem not only from the Netherlands but also attracting attendees from neighbouring countries like Ireland.

As a global initiative and a free community event, the AI Community Meetup serves as a platform for knowledge-sharing and critical discussions on AI topics. Thought leaders, including academic researchers, startup founders, industry experts, and strategic policy advisors, engaged in conversations about cutting-edge AI innovations and their applications in real-world scenarios.

We love hosting these meetups as a way to spark meaningful discussions on the how AI is changing the world. The initiative recognizes the global need for an AI community that facilitates knowledge exchange, fosters innovation, and establishes connections, ultimately advancing the collective understanding and impact of AI on a global scale.

The journey of the AI Community Meetup began in June 2023 and has been marked by resounding success. In our Colombo meetup, the community meetup sessions consistently attracted over 150 participants, comprising a diverse group of professionals, industry experts, academic researchers, and students. Recognizing the potential to expand its reach, we took this initiative to the international stage, organizing the first international AI community meetup in the Netherlands.

The choice of Amsterdam as the meetup location was strategic, considering our longstanding partnerships with Dutch clients and commitment to expanding the client network in the Netherlands.

Thirunayan Dinesh, Team Lead at Rootcode AI, delivered the keynote speech, exploring the realm of "Large Language Models (LLMs) in the Enterprise." The session highlighted the potential applications and transformative capabilities of the powerful AI systems in real-world business contexts.

Following the keynote, a lively panel discussion and interactive Q&A session centred around the theme of "Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence." Distinguished experts from various backgrounds, including academia, startups, policy advising, and business, contributed their insights. The panel discussion was moderated by Rootcode's founder and CEO, Alagan Mahalingam.

The Netherlands edition of our AI Community Meetup was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a deeper understanding of AI's transformative potential in governments and enterprises. It reinforced a sense of purpose in leveraging AI for a better future.

Rootcode AI, the AI subsidiary of Rootcode, stands as a global leader in the AI industry, developing world-class AI solutions to address real-world challenges faced by startups, enterprises, and governments. Our dedication to harnessing the power of AI for innovation and solving complex problems has made us a preferred partner for businesses and governments worldwide.


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