25th May 2021

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What is ConverseAI?

ConverseAI is one of the flagship products of Rootcode AI, a subsidiary of Rootcode that primarily focuses on delivering world-class AI solutions and products that help businesses worldwide to automate and streamline processes and workflows.

ConverseAI is an intelligent conversational AI chatbot that can help users with their inquiries, suggest them the products, and help them to resolve their questions about products and services as well, reducing the response time to customers from hours to seconds. ConverseAI was designed to engage in conversations with customers to resolve their queries whilst contributing to a great user experience and satisfaction.

Your Own AI Powered Sales Assistant

ConverseAI can play the role of a sales representative by providing information to customers about products and guiding them to purchase through a human-like conversational interface.

ConverseAI’s level-3 conversational AI ability has the potential to analyze and understand the user’s context in the conversations before responding, this helps ConverseAI to dynamically respond to user queries and adapt to various conversational paths without generalizing.

Handle Complex Conversations

ConverseAI is an easily integratable conversational AI tool designed to handle human-like queries and conversations. Customers can directly chat with ConverseAI to query about any product, inquire about the minute details regarding ingerents (if any), and directly checkout using onverseAI. If a customer requires a demonstration of a certain product, ConverseAI can schedule an interview with a member of the sales team without having to wait until another human to reply.

Conversation category detection & tagging

ConverseAI’s Conversational engine is trained using end-to-end deep learning models to learn abstract patterns in conversational paths and detect the intention of the user with high precision to provide the most suitable response. This allows ConverseAI to even detect the type of user interacting with it by analyzing the content of the conversation and tag the conversation so that the relevant professionals can look into it.

Autonomous Retraining

ConverseAI also has an end to end embedded retraining pipeline which makes sure that the AI agent would be able to learn from its past conversations autonomously in addition when new vacancies are added directly from the ConverseAI admin dashboard the model quickly retrains itself and updates its conversational context without a downtime.

Human in the loop

Another unique factor of ConverseAI is that it can notify and hand over the conversation to a human if it can’t answer the queries with a high level of confidence. During the process of attending to complex queries, ConverseAI will not be eliminating humans by a 100% as humansare able to intervene and answer whenever necessary. This is a useful feature for those sales and IT personelles who are in charge of monitoring ConverseAI during early stages of integration.

ConverseAI, at your service

Apart from the entire product, ConverseAI’s retraining pipeline and natural language understanding engine, enclose the potential to learn any type of conversational paths and abstract domain relation, meaning it can be applied to any other intelligent conversational use-case such as an AI sales assistant, who knows about each and every product and can help customers choose the best one that suits their needs, just like a human salesperson.

This intelligent conversational engine of ConverseAI encloses the potential to completely revolutionize traditional commercial conversational chatbots by laying the pathway to more intelligent conversational AI agents who can not only navigate through complex conversational paths but also customize themselves to the user autonomously over time.