About Us

Game changing AI solutions and strategies to empower your business with artificial intelligence

Who We Are

Our story began 5 years ago. Rootcode Labs is the successor of many of our previous IT ventures which catered software products/services to different markets from US, Europe to Asia. Rootcode is headquartered in Sri Lanka with corporate offices in Europe (Estonia) and Silicon Valley (San Francisco, USA). Our experience in working with 50+ business verticals over half a decade, delivering the best software solutions globally, has made us one of the most trusted IT partners for many organisations.

We are an organization who believes in creating nothing but the best AI products and takes pride in that. We come from a long bloodline of Data Scientists, AI Engineers and Analysts who knows every step of creating the right intelligence for any business need.

What We Do

It is evident that in the current era of technology artificial intelligence plays a massive role in shaping the future of businesses and organizations. AI is no longer only a research area and it’s presence is prevalent in the industry more than ever before. Rootcode AI is a specialized AI solutions provider , with experience in architecting and productionizing , research and industry-grade applications and strategies.

We know that there are boundless problems that can be solved and opportunities can be discovered using Artificial Intelligence. Our  AI team has full-fledged experience in developing AI solutions and strategies in areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, business process optimization, Anomaly detection, Intelligent data process, and analytics and complex document processing, and text mining using state of the art technologies and practices.

Our Team